Saturday, September 25, 2010

And that minor flaw is???????

2 horse slant (MI)
Stock type Bison for sale. It is a 2 horse slant, remove the divider and it is a 3 horse trailer. I have added many things to the trailer, 2 saddle racks, and shelving, many hooks for the tack, all is located on the divider wall so it not in the way if you need to haul 3 horses. It has good tires, nice floor and all lights work. Only has one minor flaw to fix. The tack/ dressing room is a nice size. Ready to haul. It is used on a weekly basis. I am asking $1600 OBO, also have lots of tack for sale.


The suspense is killing me - I am almost tempted to email them to find out what the one minor flaw is!!  LOL  Sideways pictures - not my favorite to look at.

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