Saturday, April 24, 2010

My First Trailer

This is my first trailer. I got it about 1 1/2 yrs ago.  It is a 2003 Adams stock trailer 3H slant with a 5' SW and minimal weekender package.  A friend and I went in together to buy this trailer to go on endurance rides.  We added more lighting and batteries, but have decided it is just not enough.  So we are trying to sell it to get a bigger trailer with more goodies in it (cowboy shower/microwave/sink/fridge).

I certainly learned a lot with this purchase.  I will NEVER buy a steel trailer ever again.  The walk-thru door we have is a wonderful option.   A stock trailer lets in all the rain and the plexiglass inserts are a PITA.  Size matters - my friend's new standardbred does not fit in this trailer.

The blue trailer on the left is my friend's first trailer.  I'll post better pics of that one as soon as I get a chance to take some more pictures.

I certainly do not regret buying this trailer - I have had some good times with it.  And some interesting times as well:
Here we are on the side of the highway with 3 horses in the trailer and about 80 degrees outside.  We were traveling home from a ride and about 1 hour into the 6 hour drive the truck broke down.  One of the women from the endurance ride came and picked us up (what an angel!!) and towed the trailer BACK to the park where the ride took place. We finally got home 2 days later.

Here we are back at the park - all by ourselves.  Just one day earlier this place was packed!!!

We did get in some more riding though.  :-)

Tell us about your first trailer. 

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