Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Out of the frying pan and into the fire?

help rescue 2 mares (VA)
I am trying to rescue 2 horses from White post VA. They are in a really bad situation. I am trying to find a kind hearted person that would be willing to go and pick them up for me. The trip is about 171 miles. Please if anyone has a heart and wants to help save these mares from a bad situation let me know. Their owner was a breeder of TB racehorses and his property went into foreclosure and he is unable to feed them. Neighbors are giving him hay but. he has to be off the property and the horses have to go. I would greatly appreciate the help. You may reach me at xxx-xxx-xxxx. I am able to give them a home but, I am unable at this time to pay to transport them. Thanks


Doesn't this person sound nice?  Unfortunately, I am not impressed.  Their heart may be in the right place, but this is a disaster waiting to happen.  It costs about $1 per loaded mile to transport a horse using a reputable horse transport company; a little more for two horses.  If you don't have the ~$200 to pay for getting them to your house, you have no business getting them!!!  At the very least you should pay for the gas for someone who is helping you - probably about $100 round trip. If they are as bad as you describe, no doubt they will need vet and farrier care. That is NOT cheap.

It also bothers me that they want someone to go and pick them up - do they plan on going as well or do they want them delivered to their house?

I got my rescue mare from someone who also claimed to be rescuing horses - she was within days of dying from lack of food.  Her vet and farrier bills were not pretty, but I was prepared for it.  This person should donate their time to a shelter and wait until they are financially able to take on the responsibility of taking on rescue horses. Their current efforts should be directed towards finding these horses a good home.  There are quite a few reputable TB rescue organizations throughout Virginia where they can go and be assured of good care.

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